1. Lots are rented from Victoria Day Weekend, until Thanksgiving Day weekend (approximately a 5 month term) for the sole use and enjoyment of the residents and their families. Family members are deemed to be parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren and their spouses.
  2. Guests are allowed upon payment of fees. All guests must register at office before entering the premises and be issued a guest pass. (Guest registration forms are available on the office door. Please fill out registration and drop it through the mail slot in the door). All guest vehicles MUST have a vehicle pass displayed on dashboard while staying at the resort. Passes are available upon registration
  3. Residents are responsible for upkeep of their lot. Grass must be mowed and lot must be kept neat and uncluttered.
  4. Pets are restricted to 2 per lot. Dogs must be under control or leashed at all times and owners must “poop and scoop”. Excrement must not be disposed of in toilets or garbage trailer. Owners must bury it on their lot.
  5. Quiet time is from 11:00 pm to 9:00 am.
  6. No outbuildings, decks or additions to be constructed without written approval from management, and all required municipal permits. Resident is held responsible for any changes or additions to electrical wiring, plumbing or sewage disposal performed without knowledge or consent of management. Any code or safety violations and fines for such unauthorized work will be the responsibility of the lessee. All constructions must be aesthetically pleasing or subject to our approval. Additions are subject to a fee, including existing residents.
  7. Only factory-installed interior refrigeration and heating units allowed. Other refrigerators and space heaters are strictly forbidden.
  8. All trailers must have septic systems with detachable blue tanks; these tanks must only be dumped at the designated dump station. If illegal septic systems exist, must be removed immediately.
  9. Maximum of 2 vehicles allowed per lot. Extra vehicles must park in main parking lot for a fee. No parking on roads.
  10. All motor bikes, ATVs and other such vehicles are strictly forbidden from being operated in any part of the property. Only access and egress from one’s lot is permitted.
  11. ATV owners wishing to bring their vehicles into the resort must register them with management and sign a release and waiver of liability form and must submit proof of insurance (fee charged).
  12. Speed limit for all vehicles on property is 10 kph.
  13. No beaching of boats in swimming area.
  14. No vehicles allowed on beach. No vehicle to be driven down the beach road except for launching purposes and unloading of equipment and materials. No parking beside or on beach access road. Parking is permissible only in the designated parking lot. .
  15. All waste is to be disposed of in the “Garbage Trailer” (household garbage only) except for recycling. Glass bottles, cans, plastic and paper must be sorted and recycled by placing them in the appropriate barrels. Please empty, rinse and crush large containers to save space.
  16. Only biodegradable and environmentally friendly products are allowed to be used on the property including all cleansing products and soaps. Bleach and other toxic chemicals are strictly forbidden. (Products may be purchased at all major food and department stores or from management.)
  17. No burning of plastics or any other toxic chemicals in campfires or on property.
  18. No trimming or cutting of any bush or trees, or collection of wood on the property.
  19. Residents are allowed one trailer per lot (except for short term guests). Anyone wanting a second trailer must lease a second lot. Existing residents with two trailers are allowed to remain upon payment of appropriate fee.
  20. Residents are responsible for the supervision of their children and guests at all times and will be held liable for any damage caused by misuse of the facilities. Children less than 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult while at beach or play area.
  21. Weapons and fireworks of any type (including BB or CO2 guns) are strictly prohibited.
  22. Management will not be responsible for any damage or injury caused to resident’s property or person and shall not be held liable for any harm or injury caused by resident’s use or misuse of management’s property or equipment.
  23. All trespassing on neighboring properties is strictly forbidden. Please stay within marked boundaries of resort for dog walking, hiking, etc.
  24. Residents must provide their own property damage and liability insurance.
  25. The resort is privately owned and management reserves the right to evict the resident at any time without refund for vandalism, criminal activity, threats, violence, and contravention of rules, non-payment of fees or any act that threatens the peace and quiet of the property.
  26. No use of electric power tools is allowed without approval from the management.
  27. No “for sale” signs to be posted without management approval. Any trailer sale is subject to a fee regardless if it is sold by the owner or the management.
  28. All new prospective trailer owners must be approved by management.
  29. If payment is not received by the due dates the trailer may be removed at the owners risk and cost.1