We are the Evergreen Eco Family Resort RV / Trailer Campground

Our waterfront resort is on beautifully treed, gently sloping terrain, with a safe private sandy beach and acres of pristine forest.

We offer swimming, boating, fishing, nature walks, hiking, wild life observations, a playground for kids, and more.

Family Owned

We are a family owned and operated seasonal RV/trailer campground community. We love and respect nature, promote the preservation of the environment, and strive to leave minimal impact on our surroundings.

Lake DeBois

Nestled on the shore of beautiful DeBois Lake which is located 30 minutes north east of the historic town of Parry Sound and next to the quaint old logging town of Ardbeg.


Bear, moose, deer, otters, beavers, fox, many birds, and other wildlife are seen here on a regular basis.


Dog Friendly

All nature lovers are welcome including dogs.


Our Values

Ecology First

We’re very proud to call ourselves an ‘Eco’ family resort, which reflects our mandate to deliver the highest quality recreational experience in the most sustainable and environmentally respectable manner possible.

Positive Attitudes

We’re a family run business that is sensitive to the needs of all our campers, visitors, employees, vendors, suppliers & neighbors. Everyone makes Evergreen happen!


We balance the needs of all our campers and guests with fairness & equality our goals for everyone.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you – whether you’re staying in touch, or reaching out for the first time to learn more about our family oriented campground.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to chat.